Sunday Share: 11/06/2011 {Recipe Finds}

{Sunday Share}

What is “Sunday Share”?

The Gypsy World Spice Cafe Facebook Page, {Recipe Finds} are shared daily.  I find cool recipes on twitter, blogs, Pinterest and internet searches and love to share them…

The below are links {Recipe Finds}  which feature Coffee or are holiday inspired recipes.  (Somehow Nutella recipes always get included…)

Next weeks “sharing” will feature Sage and holiday recipes.

Be sure to check out these great sites, blogs and recipes.   If you have a recipe that you want “shared” which follows the week’s theme, please email me .  I will be sure to read your post.  If it fits the current week’s focus, I’ll share. 



Recipe Finds – Just Because

Recipe Finds – Holiday Cooking/Baking


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