Mortar & Pestle

A must have tool when cooking with Spices & Herbs.  This Mortar & Pestle sold on set is very cool. It is reversible!!!  

Electric Coffee & Spice Grinder

If you enjoy creating spice blends and you just don’t like to grind spices manually, you must have a good electric coffee & spice grinder.  I have two electric spice grinders.  I use one for grinding savory spices and one for grinding sweet spices.   This KitchenAid Coffee & Spice Grinder sold on Amazon definitely fits … Continue reading Electric Coffee & Spice Grinder

Mezzaluna Chopper

This Mezzaluna Chopper by Checkered Chef sold on Amazon is a great addition to your gadget drawer.  Use it to chop up those herbs!  Not everyone has one, so it is definitely going to be a conversation starter!