Sunday Share: 10/23/2011 {Recipe Finds}

{Sunday Share}

Hope you had a great weekend!

On the Gypsy World Spice Cafe Facebook Page, {Recipe Finds} are shared daily.   I find cool recipes on twitter, blogs, Pinterest and internet searches.

Currently, sharing recipes that related to coffee and the upcoming holidays… somehow Nutella recipes always get included.  🙂

Below are links to {Recipe Finds} shared last week.  Be sure to check out these great sites, blogs and recipes.

Enjoy!’s Chocolate Espresso Cupcakes’s Flan de Café con Leche’s Pumpkin Sherbet’s Balsamic Fig Jam with Black Peppercorns/’s Nutella Truffles


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Technologist by day and Mom/Wife 24x7... Cooking is a huge hobby of mine. Love developing recipes & flavor combos that promote healthy eating & fitness. Follow Gypsy World Spice Cafe As We Explore World Spices, Healthy Eating and Creative Recipes.

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