Food For Thought Friday... Think!

Food For Thought Friday… Think!

Food For Thought Friday... Think!

Are you a creative thinker? Do you like to solve puzzles?  I love to think.  

Sounds very simple….it’s not.   Life is full of distractions.  So many people rush…just so they can call out “Done!” first.


There are benefits to taking time to think.   Are you looking to get to the next step quickly?  Or are you looking to get to the right step?    It’s a choice.

Not taking time to think about a particular concept or problem usually results in an idea that is simply”just okay”.  It might work out for a little while. However, most likely it will need a redo…and you will need to take time to think some more….

Try to look at things from a bird’s eye view.   As the saying goes, “think outside the box”!  Then you can brainstorm solutions, develop options, evaluate and pick the best solution….

I took this picture of the Pelicans on a fishing pier several years ago. They always seem to be thinking (while they wait for food). Lately, there is one Pelican that has become very friendly and now walks from fisherman to fisherman begging for food. He seems to have developed a solution that works for him…

When do you think best?