The Versatile Blogger Award….


One of my blogger buddies, Yertle was so nice to award me with the Versatile Blogger Award .   If you are not familiar with her site, be sure to pay her a visit. She posts great stories and her photographs are amazing. I truly look out for Yertle’s posts every day.

There are some strings attached to accepting the award… The award works like a chain letter. So by accepting the award, I have to share 7 blogs that I love (along with sharing 7 things about myself). I subscribe to a lot of my blogs and it was difficult to limit my choices to just 7….I could honestly add another 10+ blogs to this list.

7 Blogs I Love:

Savvy Entertaining features “Fun and Simple Tips for Entertaining at Home”. Shanna shares great recipes and tablescapes.

Sweet Life features incredible Latin recipes with a modern twist. 

Norah Loves Makeup is a great site to follow too. She features tips for makeup and fashion (along with product reviews too).

Finuca features sophisticated posts about home decor, books and food.

Latinaish is a great blog about her multi-cultural family. Her suegra stories are the best! There are many days where her posts make me laugh out loud when I read them.

Her Deep Thoughts is a blog that features stories meant to inspire the reader. The photography is great and I look forward to her Wordless Wednesday posts.

(Tienes) Una Cabeza de Coco is a blog that features posts on many topics. She writes great stories about life/relationships and informative posts about social media.

7 Things About Me:

1. Blogging about Spices is a my hobby.  My professional career is technology related.  My days get busy and cooking is very de-stressing for me.  Blogging has been a great outlet for me.  In a few weeks, I will be celebrating my 1 year blogiversary.

2. My favorite book of all time is Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. Also, I have read and love all of Lisa Scottoline’s books. I am currently reading Conquistadora written by Esmeralda Santiago.

3. Playing the piano is another hobby of mine. I wish I had more time for this… My favorite piece to play is “Malaguena” by Ernesto Lecuona.

3. Living a healthy lifestyle is very important to my family. I plan healthy meals and do intense cardio work outs 4-5 x a week. My favorite workout is the Turbo Jam DVD series…which I usually have to do very early in the morning.

4. I come from a family of all girls. Raising boys is a very eye-opening experience. Love it!

5. My husband is definitely my soul mate.

6. I am really scared of thunderstorms.

7. I talk in my sleep.

If you accept the blogger award from me, you have to follow this same template: choose 7 bloggers, and share 7 unknown things about yourself.




5 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award….

  1. Li says:

    Oh my gosh!!!! Thank you so much!!!!! You are so sweet.

    I’m glad I got to learn a little bit about you – and guess what? I totally talk in my sleep too!

    It’s a total honor to be on this list. Thanks again, it really warmed my heart.


  2. Shanna Hatfield says:

    You are so awesome!

    Thank you so much!

    It was great to learn more about you… I used to love to play the piano and thunderstorms can still scare me silly!

    Thank you for being so sweet and including me in your list. I so look forward to leaning all about spices from you!

    Best Wishes,

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