Get Your Spice On!


Valentine’s Day is always special to us. We celebrate it every year with an extra special dinner which includes chocolate fondue for dessert. I handle the meal and my honey handles the ambiance (now the kids join in setting up…) After all, love is definitely something to celebrate.


Many spices have been known for centuries to have aphrodisiac effects. The term “aphrodisiac”dates back to an ancient Greek myth based on the goddess of love named Aphrodite. Aphrodite was also the goddess of beauty and fertility and considered to be the protectress of sailors.

Please note that this article is intended for informational purposes only. It is important to research spices in more detail to ensure you use the appropriate quantity (to avoid any dangerous effects).








Aniseed has been used as an aphrodisiac for centuries where ancient Greeks and Romans believed that even just placing Aniseed in one’s mouth was said to enhance amorous feelings.

Cardamom is also very well know for its aphrodisiac qualities. In fact it is said that Cleopatra not only bathed with Cardamom, she also used it to perfume her rooms. Try adding it to hot coffee or wine.

Cayenne Pepper is good circulation…increasing blood flow. Enough said….Use your imagination.

Cloves are said to promote attraction.

Ginger is used to arouse the senses (stirring up healthy hot flashes).

Licorice Root balances hormonal levels.

Mustard is a well-known stimulant.. Again…use your imagination…

Nutmeg is known to have aphrodisiac effects on men.

Oregano, when used un an infusion, is known to be a powerful aphrodisiac for women. In Greece, it is traditional to give your love a bouquet of Oregano.

Rosemary is known to be a mood enhancer and often used in baths and in wine.

Saffron has stimulating properties. The oldest reference about the Saffron aphrodisiac effects dates back to 2600 BC. Saffron was used in ancient wedding customs (it was often used for dying sheets and / or wedding attire to “set the mood”). Saffron is used in small quantities. Most recipes call for just a pinch.

Vanilla affects the central nervous. Just smelling Vanilla is said to have an aphrodisiac effect.



Gypsy World Spice Cafe Recipe – Sexy Spiced Spiked Coffee

This recipe calls for a sexy spice of your choice. Try grating fresh nutmeg as a topping. Cardamom is excellent with coffee too. I actually used a blend of spices for mine (which has about 12 different sexy spices)…

6 oz Coffee, hot
1 oz Brandy
1 teaspoon light Cool whip
Sexy spice of your choice

  1. Pour coffee into a coffee cup.
  2. Stir in brandy and Splenda.
  3. Top with Cool Whip and sprinkle with spice. (I also sprinkled some pretty decorating sugars on it too)

Miscellaneous Recipes to try:




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