Sumac Pepper Adds Zest to Everyday Cooking

Looking for a way to incorporate the spice Sumac into your spice world?  If so, the solution is easy.  You do not need any special recipe to get started… 

Sumac Pepper is a traditional spice blend that many keep in their kitchens not only for cooking but also as a condiment at the dinner table. 

Try substituting Sumac Pepper for generic ground black pepper.  I found it really added a great zing to everyday sandwiches and salads and now reach for Sumac Pepper more often than my black pepper…

Traditional Recipe – Sumac Pepper

3 Tablespoons black pepper, coarsely ground

3 Tablespoons sumac

In a small bowl, mix both black pepper and sumac.  Store in a container and / or pepper shaker..


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